Organisations today are experiencing more change, disruption and technological advancements than ever before, which is producing a high pressured, deadline urgent and time poor environment.

With greater expectations to continually produce high quality work, become market leaders and stay ahead of the curve, people have to adapt faster, work harder and manage more to deliver great results.

Today’s business environment requires leaders and teams to be more agile, responsive, and sensitive to the needs and desires of their clients, and deal with more rejection, failure and challenges. 

Sustaining your edge in such an environment will require you to innovate, use your initiative, and draw on your personal leadership - without burning yourself out.  Resilience is the currency of success in today's business environment

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In ‘Pressure Proof’, Michael explains how to perform better under pressure, change, and setbacks.  Michael explains how to build your natural resilience to turn tension and pressure into energy and enthusiasm.  In this book, you will learn how to:
* Bounce back from setbacks and challenges by developing grit and mental toughness
* Develop the focus of a ninja, and the calm of a Buddhist monk, when working amidst chaos and tension
* Accelerate productivity by flowing with change and becoming a contingency expert. 
* Prevent burn out by sustaining your wellbeing and balance in life.

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"Our conference feedback poll recorded your presentation as a conference highlight"
Senior Policy Advisor, National Disability Services

"Michael’s sessions were truly inspirational”
Marketing Manager, LINK Recruitment

"Informative, motivating and inspiring”
Marketing & Communication Manager, New Horizons Enterprises Limited

"We received only positive feedback with many saying Michael was by far our best presenter to date"
National People & Culture Manager, A&L Windows

"The energy was fantastic"
National Human Resources Manager, Maurice Blackburn

"One of the top speakers in Australia"
CEO - Network Central

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